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Ron Edmonds

The Dr. Clarence B. Jones Institute for Social Advocacy continues the legacy of social education advocates such as Ronald Edmonds who started the Effective Schools Movement in the 1970s.  Today, there is still a need for the Effective Schools Movement that believes regardless of a student’s background, public schools came make a significant difference in a child’s educational achievement and success. Ron Edmonds died at the young age of 48 in 1983 but his vital message of empowerment, equity and equality for all students continues in 2018. 

EFFECTIVE SCHOOLS MOVEMENT: In order for a school to provide effective instruction to all students it needs to have these five essential elements:

  1. Strong leadership at the administration level
  2. High expectations on the part of students and staff
  3. A safe and orderly climate for teaching and learning
  4. An emphasis on instruction over all other school activities
  5. Frequent and consistent monitoring of student progress